Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller Discussed Custody of Charlie Sheen's Twins

Denise Richards and Brooke Mueller met yesterday with a representative of the Department of Children and Family Services, to discuss the custody of Brooke's 4-year-old twin sons with Charlie Sheen.


Charlie was also invited to the meeting, but declined to attend.


Denise has temporary custody of Bob and Max, but she recently wrote a letter to the DFCS saying she couldn't handle them anymore because they're basically IN-FREAKIN'-SANE.  And she blamed Brooke for that.


At yesterday's meeting, Denise was reportedly still not sure she wanted to keep the boys.  But everyone agreed that they've suffered significant psychological damage due to their tumultuous family situation.


But there was at least one positive:  There was no evidence that Brooke is off the wagon.  And the DCFS acknowledged that the goal is to get Brooke back into a position where she can resume custody.


Not surprisingly, nobody suggested that Charlie take custody.