Scarlett Johansson is "Esquire" Magazine's Sexiest Woman Alive for the Second Time in Seven Years

SCARLETT JOHANSSON has been named "Esquire" magazine's Sexiest Woman Alive. . . making her the first woman to win the title TWICE.  She also got it back in 2006.

Last year's winner was MILA KUNIS.

Scarlett is 28 years old, and she says she's "gotta hustle" because, quote, "pretty soon the roles you're offered all become mothers.  Then they just sort of stop."

She also confirms her relationship with journalist Romain Dauriac.  She says that because he's French, jealousy, quote, "comes with the territory."  But she adds that she prefers to be with someone who's, quote, "a little jealous."

(Check out Scarlett's "Esquire" photo shoot here.)  (Esquire)