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Am I missing something? Why does everyone have a sex tape?

Posted By: Connie Wray · 10/10/2012 12:17:00 PM

I have tried to wrap my head around it several times. Sex Tapes. Why do people make them? I guess I understand if you're famous you're most likely a bit of a narcissist or an exhibitionist. You need attention. I get it. But why is everyone so shocked when it comes out? It's technology.  That recording can be sent around the world with one click of a button. If you are famous, don't you realize that everything you do, people want a piece of it. That can't be a new concept in "FAMOUSLAND". I'm guessing...NO! They must be well aware, as a celebrity, everyone wants a piece of you!

Look at the Beatles. I once read that after their concert in Seattle in 1964 that the Edgewater Hotel, where they were staying, sold EVERYTHING in their room as memorabilla. They cut up the carpet into squares and sold it!! I mean, come on celebrities...THINK!! You and whatever it is that you do or buy or wear or touch becomes a MUST have. So...think before you do something stupid!! 

Take for example Hulk Hogan. The latest celebrity who is dealing with the aftermath of a sex tape. He claims he had no idea the tape was even being made. He believes it was recorded by his friend Bubba the Love Sponge and his, then wife, Heather Clem. He says he had no idea he was being recorded. He told Good Morning America he confronted Bubba several times to see if he was behind it...UMMM DUH!! YES!! Hulk!! Come on, man!!  You are a BIGGER STAR than he is. He LET you have sex with his wife and it never crossed your mind that he might be recording it? Am I the only one that would be wondering about this? Seems a little strange to me.

OK, I admit I'm no celebrity. I have no idea what it's like to wonder who your real friends are. But common sense, dude!! USE IT!!

It's just like a conversation I had with my daughter the other day. She was taking silly photos of herself and her and her friends were messaging them back and forth to each other. I said, "Be Careful! Once those photos are sent...everyone has them." She laughed at me, said it was all in fun but let's be honest...we know how teenage girls can be. Man, you hook up with the with a guy that one of those girls really liked,...Then, BAM! Those, once, silly private, photos are now.... EVERYWHERE!

Maybe Hulk Hogan didn't know about the camera. But he was married at the time, he was having sex with his FRIENDS WIFE, he let his guard down for one second. He admitted it was a lapse in judgment, who hasn't had one of those right? But still, SEX WITH YOUR FRIENDS WIFE!! It WILL come back to haunt you!! In this case, we are ALL now haunted by Hulk's sex tape! YIKES!

If anything, I hope my daugther learns from this. Hulk thought Bubba the Love Sponge was his friend. He would never do anything to hurt Hulk. But let us not forget that anger, envy, and money can be lethal combination. So, before you decide to make that "Private, just for us, Sex Tape" ask yourself, "What happens if this gets out?"

For you and I, it might ruin our lives forever. For celebrities, yes, it might bring them fame, but at what cost? 

I'm no prude but I'm not down with the sex tape. And I think more and more celebrities should take a NO SEX TAPE OATH!  I'm sure Hulk Hogan would be the first to raise his hand.

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