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Why did I choose Ideal Image?

Posted By: Connie Wray · 7/2/2012 11:47:00 AM

Because I was hairy, that's why!! LOL!! Ok, yes, I was not happy with the hair on my body but what I really hated was shaving, waxing appoitments and the fact that I still had hair...where I didnt' want hair. It was annoying! Especially during summer time when less clothes are most important. Thankfully, I found a solution to ending my un-wanted hair battle. IDEAL IMAGE. I can honestly say, WOW!! Total difference!! Ask me, whenever you see me. I dare you!! Ask to feel my legs or my underarms...(GROSS, Yes!) But I'm saying that because my skin has never looked this amazing..EVER!! I want you to love your skin and show it off just as much as I do. And just so you know, IDEAL IMAGE IS CELEBRATING SUMMER! So you can get 50% off!! HUGE SAVINGS. But don't wait...this sale will gone before you've schedule your second waxing appointment. So instead call 1-800-BE-IDEAL. And make sure you tell them Connie Wray from Alice sent you in TO BE HAIR FREE AND SEXY FOR LIFE!!






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