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Can I do it? Can I stick with a New Years Resolution? Here's to trying!!

Posted By: Connie Wray · 1/18/2012 12:26:00 PM

I am not a New Years Resolution person. I just think you should be able to make a change anytime; you shouldn’t need a NEW YEAR to start something you really want. But at the same time, I understand it. New Year, new start, new you!!

This year I decided to test myself. I wouldn’t make a resolution but I would make a change. That change was to end any unnecessary drama in my life. If something was stressing me out, the plan was, to get rid of it.  What surprised me was what was causing the stress.  It was Facebook.!! How did I figure this out? Well, I started by evaluating how I felt after seeing certain Facebook posts.

Most posts, I want to say 80% to 85%, were fine. People would post about their kids, their new jobs, exciting things at home, good things that were happening to them. But there was that small percentage that made me react in a negative way. I would read their post and I would either get angry, feel sad or was shocked!! I then found myself holding on to that energy. Not good!! I needed to do something about it.

It was time to eliminate the drama. It was time to eliminate those Facebook Friends. Because really?! What were they bringing to my life? Nothing!!

I hated to admit it but I was a part of their drama. I would find myself checking on certain Facebook friend’s accounts simply to see if the drama was still going on.  It was sick… It was like a car accident, I couldn’t look away!!  I was becoming part of the problem.

I had one “friend” that was in and out of relationships as often as one would change their undies. Another was constantly complaining about a different illness or ailment every week!! There was the “Constant Complainer”, always complaining about what was wrong in their lives. Never looking at all the great things going on around them. And finally, “The Fisher”. This is what I started calling the person who was always fishing for a response. Their posts were always,  “Ohhh, poor pitiful me”. Of course these people were so busy trying to get attention that they never were making any changes to make their life better.  But what was sick was that I was giving them what they want, ATTENTION… I needed to make a change.

I started doing some investigating.  If I wanted to stop letting these people drag me down, I was the one that needed to make the change. I needed to start a new habit. That habit being…STOP PAYING ATTENTION TO THESE PEOPLE! According to my research, I could form a new habit in 21 days.

The first step was to eliminate them from my Facebook. Now some of these people I didn’t want to totally get rid of, so I would hide their profile. Others I decided to just eliminate. Enough!! Be gone with you, DRAMA people!!  And others, I just blocked completely. Maybe they had open accounts and I’d find myself checking in. But if I blocked them, I couldn’t even look them up and if I tried I would need to change the settings on my profile. Too much work.

I did this on January 2nd. I am now 15 days into my experiment. I still have 6 more days to make it a habit. I still have a chance of falling off the “No Drama” wagon. But honestly, I don’t think I will. I feel great!! I feel like life is stressful enough without having everyone else’s drama to deal with. It’s nice to look at Facebook and see happy people!! Even if they aren’t my “real friends” I do enjoy other people’s happiness. It makes me smile. It makes me appreciate what I have. It makes me breath easier.

If your looking to end stress and drama in your life, may I suggest the Facebook clean up.  Try it. Try eliminating some of the drama. See if you start feeling better. I think you might surprise yourself. And if you don’t think you can do it, here is something to think about.

I was a loyal Kardashian viewer. I followed the drama everyday!! The shows, the shoes, the products, the DRAMA!! But I have stopped. The Kardashian's are no longer eating up my life. And I love it!! If I, Connie Wray, loyal Kardashian fan, can stop drinking the Kardashian Kool-aid, you can end the drama on Facebook.

 Take the challenge!! I dare you!!



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