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Surprise? What's that?!

Posted By: Connie Wray · 12/13/2011 7:22:00 AM

I’m not good with surprises. Wait, let me rephrase that. I’m not good with KEEPING a surprise. I love to surprise people and I LOVE to BE surprised.  My hubby, Big B, he is the surprise master. I never know what he might do for me for my birthday, our anniversary or even Christmas. I may give him my Christmas wish list but he always gets me something I’m totally surprised by!!

 I was not born with that skill. You see I get WAY too excited for the surprise. Take for example Christmas…I will listen all year long to what Big B or the kid’s want. I make my list. I check it twice. I do my research and find whatever it is they want at the best price. That part is what I really like, the challenge of finding it at a great price. But once the gift is purchased, I’m doomed!!

I can’t keep my mouth shut!! No, I’m not blurting out what I got them but I tease. I start off by saying things like “Oh! Your going to be so surprised this year!! You’re never going to guess what I got you!” or “I’m so excited to give you your gift this year! Your going to be so spoiled!” Usually, this is where Big B will stop me.  He knows I can’t keep a secret or a surprise. He’ll even warn me to keep it quiet. But he’s also great at tricking me.

For example, he’ll walk around the house complaining about his slippers. Oh, he sure hopes Santa is listening. His slippers are falling apart. He’ll say, “Look, babe! I can barely walk in these things. The sole is coming off.” He’ll walk around tripping over everything. It’s his way of making sure I really know what he wants. Then, if we are out shopping and he sees slippers he wants, he picks them up, feels them and tries them on. Then pretends like he’s going to buy them!!

He’ll hold on to them. Saying something like “I really need these. Maybe I should just get them.”  He just keeps smiling because he knows it’s killing me!! He knows I’ve got the slippers. He knows I want to run home and give him the slippers, RIGHT NOW! It’s an evil trick!! But just when he’s about to pay for them, he’ll put them back. Laughing!! Because he knows…Connie can’t keep a surprise!!

Well, I’m trying so hard this year to keep it all under wraps. And I don’t mean Christmas wrap, I mean quiet!! I’m shutting up this year. My new strategy is to stay away from the teasing. I don’t want to say one thing. I’m getting good at it.  Kind of, I mean I am blogging about slippers but that’s it. Nothing else!!

Damn it! I told you I’m bad at this….Big B, Your getting slippers!! Man, I suck at this whole surprise thing!!

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