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Marriage is for REAL! Not for REALITY TV.

Posted By: Connie Wray · 11/2/2011 12:52:00 PM

Oh. To never have a care in the world? Remember those days? Ok, you always have cares. But remember when it felt like, whatever you did, didn’t have consequences. I did what I wanted, said what I wanted, I thought I knew everything and would always be open minded and never let the “man” get me down. 

Well, now I’m a parent. The most difficult job on the planet with the most incredible rewards!! I love being a mom. But what I don’t always “love” is that I have to totally practice what I preach!! I have to always be aware that I’m the example. I’m the one that needs to show my kids, to the best of my abilities, that it’s important to be true to who you are. Stick to your word. Stand behind your morals. Maybe that’s why I’m upset about this Kim Kardashian’s 72 day marriage. What a joke!!

When I was in college I thought marrage was just a piece of paper. I actually said that to my mom one day. BAD IDEA! She was upset with me. How dare I say that? Her and my dad loved each other; they made a commitment to one another. They were dedicated to their family and marriage. Their vows were something she took seriously. It wasn't just a piece of paper, it was a promise to love and respect one another, FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES. It was work but she believed it was the most meaningful work she had ever done. Being married and raising a family was her life. 

Well, now that I’m married and have kids. I think she is completely right. I’m almost ashamed to admit I once said that marriage was just a piece of paper. It means so much more to me than that. I too believe in my vows. I want to build a long life with Big B.  I try everyday to show my girls what a healthy relationship is. I want them to understand that love and commitment mean something. I want them to see that open lines of communication are important. Equal respect and unconditional love are extremely important.

That’s why I  told my daughter J how disgusted I was with Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. They are making a mockery of marriage. Kim is saying she got caught up in the hoopla. No, you got caught up in fame. You wanted the world to watch. You love attention. And look at the attention your getting now!! I bet you love that, too!! Even negative press is good press, right Kim? (Let us not forget your sex tape)

I am disappointed in myself.  Disappointed that I bought into it. Disappointed that I would watch the show with my daughter J. Granted I would tell her, you know this isn’t real? None of these reality shows are real. The producers want drama. Drama and controversy make money!! I would tell J, let us not forget, it’s a business!! The Kardashian’s are a brand. And they will do whatever it takes to sell that brand.  Even get married to someone they don’t love. How sad is that.

 Kim is of course saying she married for love. The wedding wasn’t just for the show. HA!! It wasn’t a way for her to make millions, she just wanted to be in love and start her new life!! I don’t believe that for one bit. 

 I told my daughter, J, I would rather be broke and in love with her dad then be rich and not have him in my life at all!!

 Now, back to being young. Most of us wanted to be wild and free. Maybe you were lucky enough to do that. I was. But I would never go back.  Now I have an amazing husband and beautiful children. THIS is the best time of my life. THIS is what I always wanted. Love. True, deep, meaningful love.

 As much as I am disappointed in you Kim, I hope someday you do find true love. Because let me tell ya, REAL love is WAY better than REALITY show love!

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  1. CherylG posted on 11/02/2011 01:38 PM
    "I would rather be broke and in love with her dad then be rich and not have him in my life at all!!" That is how I feel about my husband. Even when times are really hard, I think back to my vows and it reminds me of what we have. I love this blog. Thanks Connie!
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