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Are you really THAT stupid?

Posted By: Connie Wray · 8/16/2011 12:00:00 AM

Maybe I’m crazy. But if you PLAY stupid, I think it’s worse then when you really are stupid. I know exactly when someone is playing stupid. I see it a lot when people are trying to get their own way. They break the rules by PRETENDING they don’t know the rules, just so they can get what they want. Often my dilemma is whether or not to call out the person for PLAYING stupid.

Case in point. I was shopping the other night at the Big W. (Maybe that was my first mistake) I had 3 items in my basket. I was standing in line at the self-check area. For those of you that don’t go to the Big W (your smart) let me explain how the set up is. You have 2 lanes with 3 self-check stands. The way I have always seen it done is that you stand in the line and each person in that line goes to the next self-check stand that is available. If you’re in lane 1 and check-stand 3 becomes available, you go that check- stand. The person behind you, they would go to the next available stand after that. So on and so forth.

Last night, I am standing in one of these lines waiting for the next available self-check stand. There are 2 other people behind me, each patiently waiting for the next available self-check stand.  That’s when the STUPID lady walks up. She starts walking towards the 2nd self-check stand, she has 1 item in her hand. She has her kids and husband in tow. As she approaches the 2nd checkout stand, there is a guy who is almost done with his transaction, she is about to move in and pay for her item. That’s when her daughter says, “Mom, you can’t do that. Your cutting.” She then looks up at me and the 2 people behind me and asks, “Are you waiting?” I shake my head yes. I should be heading to that exact check-stand that she is about to cut into. Then she says, “Yeah, but your waiting for the one your standing by, right?” I can’t believe this!! Her daughter then yells again, “Come on Mom, get back here. Your cutting.” I say nothing. But then she starts to PLAY stupid.

Mind you, the next lane over is also a self-check lane with 3 self-check stands. There are also 3 people waiting to use those checkouts. Patiently waiting. Understanding the rules. “Stupid” then says, “I don’t get it, why are you waiting in front of that stand if you’re wanting to use this stand.” Really, Stupid lady? You don’t get that all of us are waiting in a LANE with 3 self-checkout stands, each waiting for the next AVAILABLE checkout stand? How do you not know this?

The gentleman finished at the 2nd checkout stand and I move to pay for my items. “Stupid” continues to go on and on about how “she just doesn’t understand why people are not standing next to the actual individual checkout stand”. Oh, I don’t know, because it would be to crowded! I just knew she was PLAYING stupid. Especially since her own KIDS and HUSBAND, were telling her not to cut.

Here is where the dilemma lies. I try to let things go. I try to take the high road. I don’t always want to but I’ve always heard it’s easier to catch flies with honey. Not that I want to catch this woman. I actually wanted to take a fly swatter and smash her!! Unfortunately, no human sized fly swatters were at the checkout stand. Plenty of playing cards, chewing gum and trashy tabloids to grab last minute but not swatters. Damn Big W!!

This is what happened…I looked “Stupid” right in the face and said, “Either two things are happening here. You either think ALL OF US standing here are stupid idiots or YOUR’RE a stupid idiot for thinking we are just going to let you cut in front of us because your PLAYING stupid.” Great huh!? Ok, I’ll be honest….I didn’t say that. As a matter of fact, I said NOTHING!! I just paid for my 3 items and left. Once again, swearing under my breath, I would never shop at the Big W again.

 I took the high road. It wasn’t easy. Especially because I think if I had actually said what I wanted to say, the people that were patiently waiting, like me, would have laughed so hard!! Instead, I laughed silently. I walked to my car with my three items. Smiled and thought to myself, I don’t mind taking the high road. I don’t mind that I said nothing. Because just like comedian Ron White says, “You can’t fix stupid”.

I’m pretty sure you can’t fix “PLAYING STUPID” either. At least that’s what I’m telling myself this morning.  

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