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Life lessons from Mom pay off!

Posted By: Connie Wray · 8/2/2011 12:00:00 AM

When I was a kid I never wanted to admit my parents were right. And forget every admitting that I learned anything from them…NO WAY! But now that I am an adult I realize more and more everyday just how smart they were. Especially when it comes to the little things.

Yesterday I went to traffic court. I wasn’t looking forward to it but as I was getting dressed that morning in my freshly dry cleaned pants, I started thinking about the little things my mother had taught me.

1. Always take pride in the way you look, it sends a positive message. How right you were, Mom!! I just knew that if I dressed respectably I would be sending a message to the judge that I wasn’t a bad person, I was just a person who put the foot on the gas too much.

2.  Always tell the truth, the truth will always prevail. Guess what, Mom? RIGHT AGAIN!!  I knew I was speeding. I was going to take full responsibility for my action. Then pray to god my good driving record would cut get me driving school and a lesser fine.  It worked!! GO MOM!!

3. Always be respectful.  Right again Mom!! I said my yes sir and no sir to the judge and looked him directly in the eye. “Yes, your honor, I was speeding but I haven’t had any infractions in the last 3 years. I want to keep my record clean.” It worked!! I got the driving school so no points would be deducted from my drivers’ license!!

4. Always say thank you. Mom, you were right, a Thank you goes a long way. I actually think I saw a slight smile on the judge’s face when I told him thank you after he granted me the right to take driving school and decreased my ticket fee.

As I walked out of the courtroom and headed to pay my ticket, I just shook my head. If only ½ of the other people in the courtroom had had my Mother. She would have told the guy, who hadn’t washed his hair in weeks, to take some pride in himself. He might have actually been able to get out his ticket for not making a complete stop on his BICYCLE!

Or the guy who knew he was drag racing. If he had just said, “Yes your honor I’m guilty. I should never have been drag racing.” The judge might have given him a break on the ticket. But when he tried to tell the judge “No, I was just making a U-turn.” and then the judge read what the officer had written on his ticket. “When the individual was pulled over and asked if he was drag racing, he tried to say he was making a u-turn. When I informed him we had witnessed the race, he then admitted he had been racing.”  If he had just followed my Mom’s rule and told the truth, the judge might have been less harsh.

There was the lady who went on and on about how she couldn’t pay her ticket for making an illegal left- hand turn. When the judge asked if she if she had any other infractions of the past 3 years, she said she didn’t know. When the judge sent a staff member to pull up her record, only to fine 7 infractions in the past 3 years, he wasn’t too happy that she disrespected his time. Really? You don’t know you’ve had 7 traffic violations in 3 years?  She would have learned that from my Mom that being respectful of peoples time goes a long way!

And where were the thanks you’s? I can honestly say their were a handful of people who said thank you. Even the people who got a break from the judge!! My mother would have thrown the book at them. And they deserved it.

Mom, I don’t say it often enough but Thank you! Thank you for teaching me respect, pride in myself and to always be honest. Oh and thanks for helping me get my ticket reduced!! I owe you. And I love you!

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