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Baby Someone Else's Baby!

Bill and Connie in the morning invite you to Baby Someone Else's Baby with Mmmmm Yogurt and Step 2!
Here's the dillio:  Babies are constantly outgrowing their clothes.  We've told them to stop doing that but they just don't listen.  So why not donate your old baby clothes to be recycled by the folks at Step 2!  Just drop off those gently used baby clothes to Mmmm Yogurt, located on Robb Drive in the Raley's Plaza! 
As a way of saying Thank You, Mmmmm Yogurt will give you a free 4oz yogurt with your donation!
Step 2, in case you didn't know, is a wonderful program that helps women recovering from drug abuse or domestic violence get back on their feet, and they get to keep their kids with them during the process!  You can find out more about Step 2 at www.step2reno.org!

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