Disclaimer and clarification of prize package being awarded from
Nevada Center for Reproductive Medicine.


The prize package being awarded through the Alice 96.5 promotion is defined as:  fertility services provided by the Nevada Center for Reproductive Medicine (NCRM) up to a total of $10,000 dollars calculated by the standard current fees charged for the services utilized.

These services include consultations, in-house diagnostic services such as semen analysis and hysterosalpingogram, ultrasounds, inseminations, and in-house endocrine laboratory.  Other services that may also be included involve assisted reproductive technologies such as ovum retrieval, oocyte identification, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, embryo culture, and embryo transfer.

Services performed outside of the NCRM office are not covered in the prize package.  Some examples of items not covered include but are not limited to medications, anesthesia, and genetic testing.

Donor sperm samples and stipends to ovum donors are not included in the prize package.

There is no guarantee that a pregnancy will result from fertility treatment.

There is no guarantee that a healthy live born will result from fertility treatment.  There are certain known risks to becoming pregnant and with certain fertility treatments.  All applicable NCRM consent forms will be reviewed and must be signed before any treatment is performed.

There is no cash value to this prize package.

If services are not performed within one year from date awarded, the prize package coverage will expire and all applicable fees will apply.

Recipients of prize package hold harmless the physicians, owners, and employees of NCRM from any obligation or responsibility to the offspring that may occur from services rendered through this prize package.  Recipients are electing to utilize services under their own will and decision.

We, the undersigned recipients of the Alice 96.5 promotional prize package from the Nevada Center for Reproductive Medicine (NCRM) have read and acknowledge an understanding of the above rules. We have had an opportunity to ask questions which have been answered to our satisfaction and agree to the terms outlined above.