Alice @ 96.5 and Reno’s Gem Gallery want to salute our “Hometown Gems”, those people in our community that do the special things, that help others, and through their kindness make life better for all of us!  

Nominate the person, with a heart of gold, you think deserves recognition.  Each month we’ll pick a gem and Gem Gallery will present them with either a gold heart necklace or gold heart lapel pin!

Let’s say thanks to our “Hometown Gems” courtesy of the Gem Gallery, 5890 South Virginia and Alice @ 96.5.

Nominate your Hometown Gem here.  Make sure you give us your name, email, and the person you want to nominate and why.  Please limit to 25 words or less.

Information sent through this form is never retained or shared.

Amber Lynn Dobson is the Hometown Gem for the Month of December from the Gem Gallery!

Amber is the creator of We Care Volunteers. She works full time and does this charity after work to feed 200-400 homeless people. 










Dr. Sarasue Spielman from A+ Learning Center is the first Hometown Gem from the Gem Gallery!

Teachers and Parents of A+ Learning Center have nominated Dr. Spielman to be a Hometown Gem because of the focus and involvement as the Learning Center’s Director.

Dr. Speilman volunteers as the center’s Director because the school did not have the funding, but she believes that the center is important to the community and the children who go to the school.

She is trying to save the school and keep it open, so she does not gain a paycheck. She makes sure the teachers are paid.

Her generosity and big heart for local children is what makes her a HOMETOWN GEM from the Gem Gallery!



Alyssa Inskip, 16, a student at Edward C. Reed High School in Sparks, has been honored for her exemplary volunteer service with this March's Hometown Gem award.  The community platform that Alyssa is sincerely committed to is one she created called, “Spread the Love” and is based on her firm belief that your everyday actions not only affect the quality of your life, but also of those lives around you!

Alyssa's platform encourages Random Acts of Kindness, or RAK, as she likes to call them. Instead of centering bullying awareness on how bad it is and all the terrible things it causes, she has chosen to take a more positive approach by promoting simple, kind activities that encourage and build up instead of damage and hurt. 



Mr. "Jungle" Jim Gibson - He purchased the Morris Hotel on 4th street in Reno and is renovating it to become the Morris Burner Hotel LLC, He bought in July 2013 and he and many hard working folks and volunteers have brought it a long way. The hotel is next door to the homeless shelter and they do things like weekly sock, glove, and coat drives for them just to name one positive, helpful thing going on there. Jim (JJ) is so well known and loved in this community by so very many people. He deserves some recognition and appreciation for all he is doing for the 4th street area, the community, Burners, and anyone that meets him. He is phenomenal. Thank you


January’s Hometown Gem is Amanda Johnson.  Amanda has always been very involved in the community, focusing most of her time towards children/teen support counseling.  Over the last few years she has gotten involved with the Douglas Center for Hope and Healing.  This organization offers support groups for children, teens, and families that have experienced a loss of a loved one.  Amanda’s time is strictly as a volunteer with Douglas Center for Hope and Healing, sharing her time away from raising two children and owning her own business.   Amanda is a real “Hometown Gem” in Minden and Gardnerville.