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Bachelor's Age: 32
Bachelor's Charity: TBA
Bachelor's Bio: I am nominating Richard “Rick” Snooks, 32 years old who lives in Reno. Rick is a Native American from right here in Nevada! He was born in Gabbs, where he continues to work, although he lives in Reno. He is the middle child, and has 3 brothers and a younger sister. If you check out Rick’s Facebook page you’ll see he loves to participate in various activities in Reno – some fundraising and some just fun activities – he also loves spending time with his family (no children of his own yet). He has participated in fundraising activities for several cancer awareness programs, March of Dimes, and donates faithfully to Good Will and the Salvation Army, but his heart is with kids and women – the Big Brother program, summer youth program, and domestic violence prevention. He’s the kind of guy who’d give anyone the shirt off his back if they needed it. He is a busy beaver, but still has time for his gal & guy friends, and family. He’s just a great guy who knows how to treat people right…any gal would be lucky to have a date with Richard!
Submitted by Alice 96,5 from Reno, NV On 6/18/2013
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