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Tahoe Adventure Film Festival

Saturday, December 14, 2013
7:30 pm

The Tahoe Adventure Film Festival (TAFF) is like no other film festival in the world.

This is not your typical stuffy film festival. This fun high-energy evening will fuel your passion for action, and ignite your senses for adventure. We highlight the best adventure sports films of the year and showcase the action sports world best talent.

All of our films are specially selected and edited to fit our festival's fast pace format. Our festival is exciting and entertaining on and off the screen. The night includes special guest speakers, action photo displays, break-dancers, DJs, and always a few special surprises.

The TAFF organizers spend hours pouring over footage, narrowing down the film submissions to the top 10 from every corner of the Action Sports World. From there each filmmaker produces a special 10-12 minute clip or segment to be premiered at the festival.

This year the TAFF has partnered with the Sierra Avalanche Center to host the biggest raffle of the year. Prizes include season passes, heli-ski trips, cat-skiing trips and enough gear and swag to stock any adventurer enthusiast's garage.

All films are available for purchase in their full format from the filmmakers. Support these talented directors and the Tahoe Adventure Film Festival by buying their films in their entirety!

Thank you and we hope you -- Enjoy the shows!

View the Tahoe Adventure Film Festival website here.