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Rocky Mountain Oyster Festival

Virginia City
Saturday, March 16, 2013
All Day

It's a little known fact that Saint Patrick's Day is the greatest weekend of the year and Virginia City goes nuts! More than 3,000 people sack up in one of the greatest historical cities in the world! Each year more than 20 cooks compete in one of Northern Nevada's most popular tasting contests. I bet you think these cooks can’t make testicles savory. Well your wrong. You’re very, very wrong. Trust us, you can't stop at two.

It’s a new year, a revamped event, and we are going to blow this thing up. We’re talking a full-on Irish Testicle Festival with a Beer Garden, authentic live Irish music, individual and team ball-eating contests, the authentic can't-find-anywhere-else atmosphere, and one more thing... Have you seen the bars in Virginia City? Need we say more? It's time to gather the gang and make this the bar crawl town it deserves to be, starting with this event! A 2013 addition is the first annual Leprechaun Crawl. There's gold in them there hills! Well, actually it's silver, but who wants silver colored beer or whiskey? Just follow the rainbow to find your jackpot!

This year, go balls to the wall and try them all! Get your tasting kits, buy your tasting cup, dress up and explore your wild side.