Things to do in Reno!


Reno Ballroom
Saturday, November 3, 2012
6:00 pm


Now in its 4th year, Canfest was the first beer festival in the world to serve only beer from cans. Canfest was created to showcase the benefits of canning beer. Long perceived as packing for poor quality brews, cans have recently risen to the packaging choice for many microbreweries around the globe.

Cans aren’t bad for beer and Canfest is here to prove it. Canfest showcases dozens of breweries from every corner of the globe to bring the deliciousness of canned beer to the masses. The fourth annual Canfest will take on November 3 inside the downtown Reno Ballroom. It’s going to be one tasty night.

Canfest also supports The Reno Bike Project, a Reno-based community cycling store, workshop and awareness group. Nothing goes together like bikes and beer!