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100th Episode of "Hollywood Babble-On"

Eldorado Showroom
Saturday, October 6, 2012
10 pm

Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman will record the 100th episode of their “Hollywood Babble-On” podcast in the Eldorado Showroom on Saturday, October 6 at 10pm. “Hollywood Babble-On” is just one of the podcasts on Smith’s successful SModcast Network and can be found on the SModcast website as well as Smodcast Internet Radio.

The weekly podcast is hosted by Smith and Garman who focus on film and entertainment news. Smith is a screenwriter, actor, film producer, and director in addition to being a popular internet radio personality perhaps best recognized as his character, Silent Bob. Actor, comedian and radio host, Garman is best known as the host of “The Joe Schmo Show,” his voice work in “Family Guy” and as the entertainment reporter and impressionist for the “Kevin and Bean” morning show on LA’s KROQ-FM radio station.

Don’t miss the live taping of the 100th episode of “Hollywood Babble-On” at the Eldorado on October 6 at 10pm. Tickets on sale now through reservations or online; ticket prices from: $19.95. Must be at least 18 years old.