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On Tuesday, Angie, owner of Maid Right Cleaning Services joins us for Diva’s By Design to discuss how Maid Right goes the extra mile when cleaning your home or business. Maid Right offers the deepest clean of any service, using environmentally friendly hospital grade disinfectants and sanitizers. Using their advanced technology and unique methods, Maid Right can remove not only germs and dust, but pet dander, odors, and airborne bacteria. Check out to learn more!



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Life is tough for a Diva!  Dressing fashionably, living a healthy lifestyle, raising children, advancing in careers…it's a lot to juggle while balancing that crown on your head!  

Connie Wray from "Bill and Connie in the Morning" on Alice 96.5 helps the Divas in Northern Nevada do it all and take care of themselves. 

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