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Join Bill and Connie Monday morning as Transformations is our special guest for Divas By Design.  Transformations provides clients with lifelong changes that result in losing weight. Creating an over-all transformation of their lives, which promotes better self-esteem and wellbeing.  Bill has been on the program for almost two weeks and is loving it.  He also is getting a good collection of marbles!  We will explain why Bill is collecting marbles Monday morning at 8:10am only on Alice @ 96.5!


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What is Divas by Design? 

Life is tough for a Diva!  Dressing fashionably, living a healthy lifestyle, raising children, advancing in careers…it's a lot to juggle while balancing that crown on your head!  

Connie Wray from "Bill and Connie in the Morning" on Alice 96.5 helps the Divas in Northern Nevada do it all and take care of themselves. 

Listen Monday mornings at 8:10 as Connie interviews local businesses that will help women keep their Diva status and live life well.  So dust off your feather boa, put on your lipstick  and listen to "Divas by Design" every Monday!!


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