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Flo Rida's Manager Was Ejected from the Heat Playoff Game on Monday


FLO RIDA was seen with his arm around an empty seat during Monday night's Miami Heat game.  (The Heat beat the Indiana Pacers to move on to the NBA Finals where they'll face the San Antonio Spurs.)

Flo Rida had been sitting next to his manager, who was EJECTED with two minutes left to go in the game, because he wouldn't stop shouting at members of the Indiana Pacers.

It happened around the time Jeff Pendergraph of the Pacers and Norris Cole of the Heat were ejected for getting into a brief altercation. 

There was talk that the guy wasn't ejected, and that Flo Rida just asked him to leave, but later the manager was boasting like he WAS ejected.  (Here's a screen capture of Flo Rida next to the empty seat.)  (Image #1Image #2)



And there's also a picture of JUSTIN BIEBER, who was also at the Heat game.  And like Flo Rida, he was ALSO wearing a JESUS CHAIN.  How PROUD they are of their devout Christianity.




Here's a video of the dust-up between Pendergraph and Cole, and here's video of the TNT guys talking about the manager, although they're under the impression that he wasn't ejected.