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Taylor Swift's Security Won't Let People Walk on the Path on Her Property to a Public Beach


TAYLOR SWIFT is planning to spend a lot of time this summer hanging at her $17 million Rhode Island mansion on the Atlantic Ocean.

That's nice for her, but crappy for the locals who are no longer allowed to use a path on her property that leads to a very popular public beach. Yes, PUBLIC beach.

They've been getting scared-off by Taylor's security team who are clearly being over-protective because of her recent stalker incident.

An insider told RadarOnline, "Now that summer has come and people are getting ready to use the beach, people are really grumbling about having Taylor in town. Her property line is at the path to the public beach and she always has guards patrolling the area. It's making it such a hassle. If she wanted privacy, she shouldn't have bought a house overlooking a public beach!"

The locals have been hitting up social media with their complaints. One Tweeted, "Taylor Swift wants to BUY the only path to the state beach. Um, no!"

Another wrote, "Hey Taylor Swift13. Tell your guards to stop harassing people who have hung out on the beach wall for years."

And then another said, "Doesn't Taylor Swift have a tour to be on instead of invading my town and taking away my beach?" (You can read some of the Tweets here.)

By the way, the ROLLING STONES invited Taylor to perform with them at their show last night in Chicago.

She helped out during their performance of "As Tears Go By". (You can find video on YouTube. Here's one version. Taylor joins in at the 1:15 mark.)



Meanwhile, Taylor appeared in a taped segment on last night's episode of "The Voice".  She surprised Michelle Chamuel, who was practicing her rendition of "I Knew You Were Trouble".  (Here's video of Taylor's cameo, and here's Michelle's final performance.)