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"Complex" Magazine Says Rihanna is the Hottest Woman Right Now


"Complex" magazine has put out a list of the 100 Hottest Women Right Now.  And they put RIHANNA at #1.

Here's the Top 20 . . .

1.  Rihanna

2.  Alison Brie from "Community"

3.  Jennifer Lawrence

4.  Beyoncé

5.  Kerry Washington

6.  Selena Gomez

7.  Nicki Minaj

8.  Emilia Clarke from "Game of Thrones"

9.  Miley Cyrus

10.  Kim Kardashian

11.  Kate Upton

12.  Emma Watson

13.  Emma Stone

14.  Mila Kunis

15.  Taylor Swift

16.  Charlize Theron

17.  Skylar Diggins  (She was a Notre Dame basketball player who went third overall in the WNBA draft.  Earlier this year, alleged nude photos of her hit the Internet.)

18.  Musican (slash) model Cassie

19.  Serena Williams

20.  Solange


(Check out the complete list here.)