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Did Justin Bieber Father a Child With a 25-Year-Old Woman When He Was 15?


may have a love child after all.  An unidentified "European" woman says she got busy with Justin in Miami back in 2010, when she was 25 and he was 15.    In October of that year, the woman gave birth to a baby girl, whom she's 100% sure is Justin's.  But she never told Justin because she didn't want to be in the spotlight.   (For you non-math majors, the kid is about two and a half now.  Justin would have been about 16 and a half when she was born.  He's 19 now.)

In fact, if there's any truth to this, it sounds like the woman was OUTED, because a source says she's only been CONSIDERING the possibility of telling Justin about the child.  Supposedly, she's not going to ask for money, and she'll let Justin decide if he wants to be a part of his daughter's life.  Justin's people are denying the woman's claims.

(Back in 2011, a young woman named Mariah Yeater accused Justin of fathering her child.  But her claims kind of evaporated.  This new accuser claims Justin put the moves on HER.  But still, if they did have sex, that's STATUTORY RAPE on her part.  We don't know why she'd be so willing to admit it.)




Justin Bieber's Ferrari Was Pulled Over for Speeding Yesterday

How's this for irony?  JUSTIN BIEBER'S Ferrari was pulled over for speeding yesterday in his gated community in Calabasas, California.  But Justin wasn't driving.  His friend LIL TWIST was behind the wheel.  Police let him off with a warning.  (Here are some pics.)  (TMZ)

Twist was driving that Ferrari earlier this year when it was pulled over, and a photographer was KILLED by a passing vehicle while trying to get pictures of it.


Police Still Want to Talk to Justin About His Driving


The L.A. County Sheriff's Department still wants to talk to JUSTIN BIEBER about his supposed reckless driving over Memorial Day weekend.  When the cops showed up at Justin's house on Monday, following his near-confrontation with former NFL star KEYSHAWN JOHNSON, Bieber refused to speak to them.

Keyshawn and at least one other neighbor called to complain after Bieber's white Ferrari was seen speeding through their gated community in Calabasas, California.  There have been reports that it was actually Justin's friend TYLER, THE CREATOR behind the wheel, but at least two witnesses say Justin was driving.  That's backed up by the police report, too.  It says that Keyshawn drove his Prius to Justin's house after the Ferrari sped by his house, where his 3-year-old daughter was playing in the driveway.

According to the report, Keyshawn pulled into Justin's driveway and stuck out his arm to prevent the garage door from closing.  He tried to confront Justin, but Justin, "hurried into the home without talking to anybody."  At one point, someone inside Justin's house threatened to call the police, and Keyshawn said he WANTED them to.

A sheriff's department spokesman says,  "Mr. Bieber is making statements through others that he was not driving.  If he wants to set the record straight, contact us for a sit-down, thorough interview.  He has to ask himself this question, 'If you have nothing to hide, why not talk to us?'"

(TMZ has a video of Keyshawn in his now-famous Prius, and a clip of some of Justin's neighbors complaining about him.  Check them both out here.)