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D.M.C. Doesn't Think Today's Rappers Respect Their Elders


 a.k.a. D.M.C. from RUN-D.M.C. doesn't believe today's rappers respect the hip-hop pioneers that paved the way for them.  And he thinks that's why they keep falling into the same traps.

He says, "The problem is:  We don't learn from the lessons that have been put forth to us from the generations preceding.  We are not being responsible, and the people who want to be responsible are afraid because they don't get no support.  WhenTUPAC got shot, we mourned and two weeks later we went back to the same nonsense and it goes on and on."

But it isn't just extracurricular things like violence, drug abuse, run-ins with the law and problems with Uncle Sam.  D.M.C. thinks the music is lost, too.

He says, "Everyone is concerned with radio records.  What bugs me about hip-hop is that we created it to go against everything that is on MTV and BET today.  The real gangsta rap told a story.  
And said, 'Shorty, you can do something better than that.'  When I talk to kids in middle and high schools, I tell the girls, put some clothes on, and the men, put a suit on and command that room."