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Kellie Pickler's Dad Violated His Probation and Is On the Run


 ex-con father, Clyde "Bo" Pickler Jr., is a wanted man.  Again.   The Florida Department of Corrections has officially listed him as an "absconder" after he left the state without telling his parole officer.  According to reports, he's in North Carolina, but we don't know where, or why.

Clyde kind of had it together, at least for him, during an interview that aired before Kellie's Flamenco performance on "Dancing With The Stars".  (Here's the YouTube video.  He shows up at the 1:37 mark, and again at 2:22.)



Even though Kellie and her dad are not close, this is certainly bothering her.  A so-called insider said, "Knowing that her dad could get arrested at any moment and taken back to prison again will break her heart."

Clyde has had a lifetime battle with addiction.  Kellie hasn't lived with him since 1995 when he was convicted of armed robbery.  That's when she was shuffled off for two years to her mom, who's had her own addiction issues.  Kellie moved in for good with her paternal grandparents in 1997.