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This Just In: People Don't Like Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga or Chris Brown


Here's some shocking news:  According to a new survey by Public Policy Polling, people just don't like JUSTIN BIEBERLADY GAGA or CHRIS BROWN.  The company named several pop stars, and asked people if they had a favorable or unfavorable impression of them. 

Brown polled the lowest of any of them, not surprisingly.  
Only 13% of respondents rated him favorably, while 57% rated him unfavorably.  30% answered "not sure"  Bieber, Gaga, RIHANNA and JAY-Z also rated "unfavorable".  SKRILLEX did too, but he was the least-recognizable star on the list.  He only got an 11% favorability rating, but only 35% unfavorable.  54% of respondents voted "not sure".


Check out how all these artists scored, from most favorable to least . . .



Favorable:  54%

Unfavorable:  18%

Not Sure:  28%



Justin Timberlake  (This one adds up to 101%.  Probably because numbers were rounded up.)

Favorable:  52%

Unfavorable:  24%

Not Sure:  25%



Taylor Swift

Favorable:  53% 

Unfavorable:  27%

Not Sure:  20%



Beyoncé  (This one only adds up to 99%.  Rounding again, we assume.)

Favorable:  51%

Unfavorable:  30%

Not Sure:  18%




Favorable:  11% 

Unfavorable:  35%

Not Sure:  54%




Favorable:  30%

Unfavorable:  39%

Not Sure:  31%




Favorable:  25%

Unfavorable:  44%

Not Sure:  31%



Lady Gaga

Favorable:  29%

Unfavorable:  50%

Not Sure:  21%



Justin Bieber

Favorable:  20%

Unfavorable:  54%

Not Sure:  26%



Chris Brown

Favorable:  13%

Unfavorable:  57%

Not Sure:  30%


(At least Chris got some love when he went back to his "hood" in Harlem to play some playground ball.  Check out some pics here.)