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Jennifer Lopez Was Rushed Off a Video Shoot After Gunshots Were Fired Nearby



You can argue JENNIFER LOPEZ'S musical talents, but one thing is clear:  She has a knack for:  BEING USHERED AWAY FROM GUNFIRE.  J-Lo was on a video shoot in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, when gunshots were reportedly fired nearby.  She was giving an interview to "Entertainment Tonight" at the time.

"Entertainment Tonight's" ROB MARCIANO Tweeted, "BREAKING:  Gunshots fired on Fort Lauderdale Beach DURING my J-Lo interview.  No kidding.  Security scrambled her away."  He added, "[I] can hear and see ambulances converging about 400 yards down the street.  Police confirming:  'Shots fired.  No one hit.'  Whew."

It's unclear what happened.  The police say any suspects who may have been involved in the shooting fled before officers arrived, and there are no known witnesses or injuries.

Obviously, this HAD to remind J-Lo of the time she was ushered away from that notorious nightclub shooting in 1999 when she was with DIDDY, her boyfriend at the time.  Diddy was probably involved, but SHYNE took the fall for him.

J-Lo was with her current boyfriend CASPER SMART this time. He wasn't involved in this shooting, but even if he was, Shyne probably isn't interested in doing him any favors.

TMZ has some random footage that was taken AFTER the shooting.