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Justin Bieber Was Attacked Onstage in Dubai


 was reportedly "attacked" onstage in Dubai last night, but don't worry girls, he'll live to Instagram another shirtless pic.

Here's what we know:  Justin was performing "Believe" at a piano, when a young man ran onstage and grabbed him from behind.  The guy "briefly yanked" Justin, but he managed to break free.

Security immediately stormed in.  They knocked the stage-crasher into the piano, and then onto the ground.  In the mayhem, the piano even got KNOCKED OVER.

But Justin is OK.  His rep says, "All is fine.  A man ran onstage, tried to grab Justin, [and] knocked the piano over.  He was a fan.  Security detained the young man.  All was fine and Justin continued the show."


(Here's video.)