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Kanye West and Lady Gaga Are Planning to Stream Upcoming Concerts on Phones


If you've been to a concert recently, you've probably seen fans holding up their phones, and even watching the show THROUGH them.  Well, soon people like that won't even have to actually GO to the show to experience it on their phone.  KANYE WEST and LADY GAGA are reportedly planning on streaming some upcoming concerts over smartphones, through an app called SpaceBar.  For now though, it sounds like it will be audio only.

The app allows musicians to connect their smartphone to the soundboard, and stream the live sound in real-time.  The artists can stream it for free, or provide users with a five-minute preview, before charging a $1 fee to continue.  Fans would also have the option to "tip" artists an extra buck or two if they want, which would be paid to the artists through PayPal.