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Wyclef Jean Is Walking Around New York City, with a Guitar Shaped Like an Assault Rifle


 is apparently starting some kind of "movement" where he turns weapons into musical instruments.  He showed the paparazzi one of his guitars, which looked like an AK-47 ASSAULT RIFLE, and he was just waving it around in the middle of the street in New York.  (And none of the passers-by seemed concerned.  Go figure.)

Wyclef said, "The idea is:  We convert weapons into music, because at the end of the day, you've got these kids all over the world, it's all about this gun culture, right?  So what my movement is:  We start converting weapons into musical instruments, because music is the movement."  

Here's video.  It's actually pretty funny.  It sounds like he's saying it's a REAL GUN, but it's a little unclear.  Maybe it was just made to look like a gun?