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Did Cops in Sweden Find Pot in Justin Bieber's Tour Bus?


A Swedish newspaper claims that Stockholm police found pot in JUSTIN BIEBER'S tour bus Wednesday night.  Supposedly, a cop smelled pot inside the bus when it was outside the hotel Justin was staying at, just as it was leaving for an arena where he had a show.

The cop alerted the narcotics unit, which arrived at the arena with a warrant to search the bus.  They found some weed and a stun gun, which they took because there wasn't a permit for it.  They probably can't arrest anyone though, because the bus was empty when they searched it, so they have no idea who the stuff belonged to.

Justin's rep tells a different story, though.  He says, "The cops did inspect but found nothing and left.  No violations.  Nothing."

And Justin Tweeted, "Some of the rumors about me, where do people even get this stuff.  Whatever, back to the music."

(Extra bonus for you Bieber-haters:  Justin allegedly threw a tantrum at a photo shoot in Denmark last weekend.  You can read about that here.)