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Snoop Lion on Endorsements: "No One Cares About Your Company If You Don't Have a Rapper Connected to It"


There was a time when musicians were considered sell-outs for their corporate endorsements.  But now, it's so commonplace that SNOOP LION thinks companies that AREN'T linked to a rapper are IRRELEVANT.  This came up when Snoop was slamming Reebok for dumping RICK ROSS, after the controversy over his stupid rap about DATE-RAPING someone.

Snoop said, "When you're buying [Rick Ross], you're buying all that come with it.  You know what his lifestyle is about, you know what his music is about, so you have to engulf all of that.  If you're not willing to take all that on, then step out of the way, and stop playing and acting like he's bringing harm to your company.  He actually made your company worth something and made your company relevant, because who cares about your company if you don't have a rapper connected to it?"  (Here's video of his comments.  Skip to the 2:47 mark.)