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Is Name-Checking Other Artists a New Trend?


 are releasing a new song called "She Walks Like Rihanna".  Apparently, it's going to be released on their Twitter feed TODAY at 10:00 A.M. British time, which is 6:00 A.M. Eastern.  (Here's the link to their feed.)  Supposedly, it includes this lyric:  "She can't sing / She can't dance / But who cares? / She walks like Rihanna."

Is name-checking other artists now a new trend?  Obviously, this sounds similar to MAROON 5'S "Moves Like Jagger", and we recently heard about DRAKE'S song "Girls Love Beyoncé".

Before this, GORILLAZ had a hit called "Clint Eastwood", WEEZER had a single called "Buddy Holly", TAYLOR SWIFThad a song called "Tim McGraw", and MGMT had one called "Brian Eno".