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Justin Bieber is Bored Of His Monkey. He Wants to Put It In a Zoo


 has tired of his monkey.  As you probably recall, Mally the capuchin monkey was seized by customs officials at the Munich airport last month, after Justin tried to bring it in to Germany without the proper paperwork.  Mally has been in quarantine ever since, because Justin apparently doesn't want him back.  His people have been in contact with German authorities about getting Mally into a zoo or another, more suitable environment.

(Here's an amusing picture of Mally messing with an iPad with Justin's face on it.  And here's an accompanying German news report.)  (D-Listed)




And in a completely unrelated sidenote . . .

If you're hanging on the RIVETING drama of Justin's on-again, off-again relationship with SELENA GOMEZ, video has surfaced that allegedly shows them leaving a hotel in Stockholm, Sweden together earlier this week.

(You can check it out here.  It LOOKS like it was posted on Selena's YouTube channel, but this is NOT one of her official accounts.)



Meanwhile, Justin has two NEW tattoos:  A tiger and an angel.  They're on his left arm.  Check 'em out here.  (E! Online)