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Wiz Khalifa Will Smoke Weed with His Son When He's Old Enough


son Sebastian is only TWO months old, but when he's a little older, Wiz will gladly burn a joint with him.  He says, "When he's old enough, if it's legal.  I'm not planning on doing it while he's a baby."

Technically, Wiz is going to let Sebastian decide for himself if he wants to toke.  But he adds, "Weed is not that bad, so it's all good.  It's in our house.  It helps more than it hurts.  I'd rather him be smoking weed than drinking alcohol."

Here's video of Wiz's comments.



It's unclear what Wiz's definition of "legal" is, because it isn't REALLY legal now.  It's still illegal at the federal level, and despite what the woman interviewing Wiz says, it isn't all-out legal in California.  California has "decriminalized" the possession of a small amount of pot, and allows for the sale of MEDICAL marijuana.