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Is Amy Winehouse's Dad Shaking Down Beyonce?


Earlier this week, we heard BEYONCÉ and ANDRE 3000 were covering AMY WINEHOUSE'S "Back to Black" for the "Great Gatsby" soundtrack.  Well, Amy's dad Mitch saw some of Amy's fans complaining about it on Twitter, and apparently, he decided to try to SHAKE DOWN Beyoncé.

He Tweeted, "First, I've heard about Beyoncé and 'Back to Black', [but it] sounds like some of you don't like the idea.  I don't know this, but what if Beyoncé gave 100,000 [pounds] to [Amy's] foundation.  (That's about $150,000.)  Do you know how many kids that would help?  Just putting it out there."  He added, "Let me repeat.  This is the first I have heard of Beyoncé doing Amy's song."

It's hard to tell what exactly he's saying here, but it sure sounds like he's saying he never cleared this, although he COULD support it if Beyoncé were to donate $150,000 to the charity.  Regardless, it's unclear if Mitch has any control over Amy's music.  Some online sources say he DOES,but the song has already been recorded, and it's hard to believe they would've done it without the proper clearances. Especially since this is for a major movie soundtrack.  

You can hear a little bit of Beyoncé's "Back to Black" in the latest "Great Gatsby" trailer.  Here's the video.


By the way, another new Beyoncé song called "Grown Woman" is teased in a new Pepsi ad.  The song will be out on Monday, but until then, you can check it out in the ad, here.