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Justin Bieber's Monkey Was Stopped at Customs in Germany


We don't know if JUSTIN BIEBER actually adopted a monkey, or if he just borrowed one to travel around Europe with him.  But either way, he wasn't allowed to bring it into Germany.

Customs officials at the Munich airport actually confiscated Justin's monkey, because he didn't have the proper paperwork to bring it into the country.  If it's really his, we assume he'll pick it up when he leaves, but he'll have to pay a fine and the cost of its quarantine.

He has shows scheduled in Germany through Saturday.  (Here are a couple new pics of Justin and his monkey.)  (D-Listed)



Meanwhile, TMZ posted some pictures of what they claim was an enormous POT PARTY that was thrown at Justin's mansion earlier this month while he was off touring Europe.  LIL TWIST was supposedly the culprit.  You can see the photos here.