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Drake Thought Rosie O'Donnell Was Complimenting His Muscles, But She Was Talking About Drake Bell


 has basically taken ownership of the name "Drake" in pop culture, but that doesn't mean he's the ONLY Drake out there.  Last week, ROSIE O'DONNELL was on Twitter while watching that diving show "Splash".  And at one point, she Tweeted, "Drake is cute . . . nice muscles."  She was talking about DRAKE BELL, who's competing on the show, but since she only said "Drake", some of her followers thought she was talking about Drake the MUSICIAN.

Rosie later cleared it up, by Tweeting, "Drake from [
'Drake & Josh'] on Nickelodeon!!!!  Not the singer, the guy on the diving show!!!"  The next day, Drake THE SINGER caught wind of all this, and Tweeted, "The fact that Rosie O'Donnell knows who I am is probably best feeling ever.  I'm gonna casually tell 2 CHAINZ after he's done this verse."

It's unclear if Drake thought Rosie was complimenting HIS muscles, or if he caught her clarification, and was just responding to the whole thing.  Also, it's hard to tell how SINCERE he was being in his Tweet.

Regardless, Rosie made sure he didn't feel left out.  She Tweeted, "Drake, of course I know you, you're very talented and quite cute.  No more bar fights :)"  
And she added, "I do think the rapper / singer drake is a cutie, also with nice muscles,THE REAL DRAKE IS A CUTIE TOO!!!  And great on 'Degrassi' as well."