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It's On! Between Jay-Z and Paul Anka


The paparazzi recently caught up with PAUL ANKA, for some reason and he talked about his upcoming album "Duets".  The photographer asked if any RAPPERS were on it, and Paul said no, but he did consider it.  In fact, he wanted JAY-Z to be on the album, but Jay wouldn't return his calls.  Naturally, Paul was NOT happy to be treated like, well, DIRT on Jay-Z's shoulder, and so he went off.

He said, "I called up Jay-Z, because he did a track [with] 'My Way', [so] I loaned him [that] track.  I wanted to put him in on a rap with MICHAEL JACKSON in the middle.  I called him up, but Jay-Z has totally blown me off.  He won't answer my calls, he's inappropriate in his behavior.  I love his wife [BEYONCÉ], I think she's great, but Jay-Z wouldn't return the calls."

Paul ended his rant by taking a little shot at Jay-Z.  He said, "He's too busy with his CLOTHING LINE, who knows."  
(TMZ has video.  The part about Jay-Z begins at the 1:08 mark.)




Jay-Z hasn't commented.

Paul wrote "My Way", which was FRANK SINATRA'S signature song.  Jay-Z has referenced the song several times in his career, and sampled it on his track, "I Did It My Way".  
Here it is.  

By the way, Paul's "Duets" album comes out on April 9th.  It features guest appearances by Dolly Parton, Leon Russell, Gloria Estefan, Michael Bublé, Willie Nelson, Patti LaBelle, Celine Dion, Tom Jones and Chris Botti.