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Snoop Lion Wants His Song "No Guns Allowed" to Prevent a School Shooting


SNOOP LION recently released a positive, anti-violence song called "No Guns Allowed", which features his daughter CORI B.  And now, he's talking about why he went from gangsta rap to reggae.  (Or whatever this new music is.)



Snoop says, "It's a powerful song, and it says something.  [Cori B will] be able to go with me on this journey to be able to speak to people about gun violence because she's a kid and she goes to school.  School is a big shot.  
We just want to prevent the next one from happening.  That's what's it all about, trying to bring awareness and push love and peace.  And if I can do it with my baby girl, that means even more to me."

You can find 
video of Snoop's comments, here. 


Snoop admits that this is something very different for him, a lot different than, say, when he rapped, "I got the gauge, a uzi and the mother[effing] 22" in his 1992 debut, on DR. DRE'S "Deep Cover".