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Could Tina Fey or Seth Meyers Take Over for Jimmy Fallon on "Late Night"?


Now that EVERYONE ON THE PLANET seems to think JIMMY FALLON will eventually take over for JAY LENO on "The Tonight Show", the question is:  Who will replace Fallon on "Late Night"?  Well, the "New York Post" says "Saturday Night Live" boss Lorne Michaels has settled on HIS first choice.  (He's also the executive producer of "Late Night".  He was the one who chose JIMMY FALLON and CONAN O'BRIEN before him.)

A so-called "source" says, "Lorne wants ['SNL' star] SETH MEYERS to take over from Fallon.  It would be perfect for him. TINA FEY'S name had also come up, but she has said she was 'too busy' to do it."  There's no official word on any of this.

By the way, Leno continued his WHINING about NBC and the whole situation by "joking" about it during his "Tonight Show"monologue on Friday night.  Leno said, "Doctors in Canada were shocked after pulling a three-inch knife blade from the back of a 32-year old man.  The knife had been in there for three years!  Imagine that, the guy had a knife in his back for three years.  He must've worked at NBC too.  I was stunned by that."

And later he added, "Have you heard about this alleged feud that I'm having with NBC?  I think it's going to be OK.  This is real:  I had dinner last night with a bunch of NBC executives.  To make it up to me, what they did, they are sending my wife and I on an all expenses paid Carnival cruise.  How about that?  So it looks like it's going to be OK.  Fantastic!"