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Check Out Snoop Lion's Latest Non-Gangsta Track "No Guns Allowed"


When SNOOP DOGG changed his name to SNOOP LION and said he was now recording "positive," reggae music.  He definitely seemed to be walking away from the gangsta rap he built his career on.  Well, he's continuing down that road.

Snoop has released a PEACE track called "No Guns Allowed", which features his daughter CORI B and DRAKE.  The chorus features the line:  "No guns allowed in here tonight, we're gonna have a free-for-all, no fight."

Snoop Lion's album, "Reincarnated", comes out April 23rd.  (You can check out "No Guns Allowed" here or on

(This new Snoop Lion thing is strange, but it's hard to blame Snoop for trying something other than gangsta rap.  After all, he's 41 years old, and he hasn't been living the street life in at least 15 YEARS.  He made some money, had kids, settled down, and mellowed out.  Good or bad, this is worth a shot, because it can't be more embarrassing than trying to keep up with the gangsta rap thing, when you're that far removed.)