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Drake Bell Is Taking Shots at Justin Bieber on Twitter Again


Former Nickelodeon star DRAKE BELL, from "Drake and Josh", is taking shots at JUSTIN BIEBER on Twitter AGAIN.  This time, Justin Tweeted, "Doing some writing", and Drake replied, "Yeah, right."   Then, Drake saw an MTV News Tweet that said Justin's "Never Say Never" was originally called "Sexy Together", and was written for Travis Garland.  He replied, "Wait!  Are you saying Justin doesn't write his own songs?  I'm shocked!!!"

Justin's followers weren't pleased with this, of course.  One of them said, "I hear Burger King is hiring, Drake Bell."  Drake's come-back wasn't great, he said, "Then you should apply for a job."

 Another "Belieber" Tweeted, "Drake, I will kill you some day you low-life loser.  I used to like you."  (Drake has been trolling Justin's followers on and off for the past year.)