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Eddie Van Halen Recorded a Jam with LL Cool J?


VAN HALEN is apparently on the shelf right now, but it sounds like we could get something new from EDDIE VAN HALEN next month, on LL COOL J'S new album.  Seriously.

Yesterday, Eddie Tweeted a picture of him and LL in the studio together, with the caption:  "Authentic.  4.30.13."  That's the title and release date of LL's new album.  LL Tweeted the same thing.  (Here's the picture.)  (Photo Source)



There's no word what this means, but naturally, it sounds like Eddie appears on the album.  Perhaps he laid down a guitar riff for one of LL's new tracks?  (Or maybe he and LL are just BFFs now, who knows.) 

Of course, Eddie played the guitar solo in MICHAEL JACKSON'S "Beat It", and TONE-LOC sampled Van Halen's "Jamie's Cryin'" in "Wild Thing".  But Eddie didn't work with Tone-Loc.  It was an UNCREDITED sample.