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A Guns N' Roses Fan Is Planning to Sue After Axl Rose's Microphone Struck Him in the Face and Busted Up His Mouth


GUNS N' ROSES fan was hit in the face by AXL ROSE'S cordless microphone during a show in Australia over the weekend, and it busted up his mouth.  His two front teeth were damaged, he suffered a cut lip, and his mouth was bleeding.

The fan, a 39-year-old "pest controller" named Darren Wright says, "With the bright lights and explosions, I couldn't see anything.  The next thing I knew, I was whacked in the mouth.  I thought I had been punched.  It took a few seconds to realize what was going on.  I could feel bits of teeth in my mouth.  Then someone is climbing through my legs to grab the microphone."

He doesn't think Axl intended to do it, but he still wants someone to pay to have his teeth fixed, so he's preparing a lawsuit.  A dentist told him it would require months of dental work, which would run him at least $5,000.

No one from Guns N' Roses has commented, but Wright says a tour promoter called him to apologize, and offered him a microphone signed by Axl.  That's nice.  But Wright says instead of a MEMENTO, he'd rather have CASH.  He says, "In reality, I don't think the microphone is going to fix my teeth or pay for the dentist.  I'm a father of four on a single income."

Regardless, he's says he doesn't, "harbor any ill-feelings."  (Yeah, if you rode it out for 15 years waiting for "Chinese Democracy", and it satisfied you enough to remain a fan five years later, what's a few chipped teeth?)

This is a photo of this dude showing off his chipped teeth.  He probably deserves SOMETHING for the ordeal, but at the same time, it isn't like his whole mouth is MANGLED or anything.


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