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A Bunch of Unopened Fan Mail Addressed to Taylor Swift Was Found in a Nashville Dumpster


A Tennessee woman who was recycling newspapers found hundreds of fan mail addressed to TAYLOR SWIFT.  The letters were in the recycling dumpster, and many were unopened.  The woman, Kylee Francescan, told Nashville's WKRN-TV, "I didn't know if they were stolen, discarded.  So I threw them in a box.  And I'm like, 'Somebody needs to let Taylor know.'"

The letters were originally delivered to a P.O. box in a strip mall in the Nashville suburb of Henderson, Tennessee.  Taylor's people stop by there regularly to pick up her mail and take it to her management office where it's opened, read and recycled.  Nobody knows why the unopened letters were accidentally tossed out, but we're going to guess some lackey got lazy.  We're also going guess that that person is now unemployed.

WKRN-TV contacted Taylor's people and her P.R. flak issued this statement: 

"Taylor gets thousands of fan letters every day and they are delivered to her management office.  After the letters are opened and read, they are recycled.    The only explanation for any letters being unopened would be that a small batch of mail that was supposed to be delivered to Taylor was accidentally put with letters headed for the recycling center."

The woman who found the letters says she wants them returned to the Taylor so they can be "responded to properly."  (You can check out the news report on WKRN-TV here.)


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