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Taylor Swift Spent an Hour With a 10-Year-old Cancer Patient on Saturday


TAYLOR SWIFT spent an hour on Saturday visiting a 10-year-old cancer patient named Lauren Hacker at Omaha's Children's Hospital.  (Here's a photo.)  (

Lauren's father said Taylor was terrific.  She brought a "bag of goodies" and autographed just about everything pushed her way.  Taylor's actually in town because her "Red" tour kicks off tomorrow night in Omaha, but you have to give credit to Lauren's family and friends for making it happen.  

They put together a YouTube video featuring Taylor's song "You Belong With Me", but with the lyrics changed to talk about Lauren's cancer and how she's a huge fan.  Taylor's people contacted them after she saw the video.  (Here it is.) 


(This isn't the first time Taylor has reached out like this.  Last year she invited a New Jersey high school cancer patient to go with her to the ACMs.)