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Taylor Swift Made More Last Year Than Brad Pitt and Anne Hathaway Combined


According to yesterday's "Parade" magazine, TAYLOR SWIFT made more last year than ANNE HATHAWAY and BRAD PITTcombined.  Taylor made $57 million in 2012.  Anne "only" made $10 million, despite being in two major movies, "The Dark Knight Rises" and"Les Miserables" and winning an Oscar.  Meanwhile, Brad made $35.5 million.

Here's somebody else who made more than Brad and Anne:  JUSTIN BIEBER.  He came close to Taylor with $55 million, an estimated $6,261 PER HOUR. 

"NCIS" star MARK HARMON also made some major scratch.  He banked $38 million, and is probably due for a raise, meaning he'll take home even more this year.

Here, in no particular order, are a few other celeb salaries from 2012 . . .


CHANNING TATUM:  $15 million.

BLAKE SHELTON:  $20 million.

ADELE:  $32 million.

ALEC BALDWIN:  $15 million.

TOM BRADY,  $23 million.

PAULA DEEN:  $16.5 million.

Olympic gold medal-winning gymnast GABRIELLE DOUGLAS:  $10.25 million.  (The money comes from endorsements and her memoir.)

GUY FIERI:  $8 million.

SERENA WILLIAMS:  $19 million.

HONEY BOO BOO:  $50,000.

LEBRON JAMES:  $57.5 million.

SOFIA VERGARA:  $21 million.

CARLY RAE JEPSEN:  $2 million.

MARY-KATE and ASHLEY OLSEN:  $40 million EACH.