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Justin Bieber Fainted During a Concert Thursday Night


JUSTIN BIEBER COLLAPSED during his concert in London last night, and it sounds like he's OK, but he still isn't sure what happened.  Here's what you need to know:

With a few songs left to go, Justin started feeling dizzy, so he went backstage.  According to reports, he "collapsed."  An emergency medical team gave him oxygen, and suggested that he go to the hospital to get checked out.  But Justin insisted that he, "had to finish the show for his fans."  So, after a break, he returned, performed four songs, got a standing ovation, and then went to the hospital.

Before he came back out, his manager Scooter Braun told the crowd, "Justin got very light of breath.  The whole show he's been complaining.  He's backstage with the EMTs, and the doctor."

(You can find low-quality video of Scooter's talk, here.)



Later, Justin Tweeted, "Getting better.  Thanks for everyone pulling me through tonight.  Best fans in the world.  Figuring out what happened.  Thanks for the love."  And on Instagram, he posted an unnecessarily sexy picture of himself lying in his hospital bed, with his gown pulled down, so he's just shirtless and in his underwear.  (Here's the picture.)  (Photo Source)

Even worse, the caption said:  "Gettin' better listening to JANICE JOPLIN."  (And yeah, he spelled her name J-A-N-I-C-E.  The real Janis . . . J-A-N-I-S . . . is rolling in her grave.)

So that's all we know, although there is one other possible reason for Justin's fainting:  Perhaps he just heard that his buddy, LIL TWIST, had wrecked his super-expensive chrome Fisker Karma, because that happened.  TMZ reports that Twist crashed the front-end into some cement poles outside some liquor store in California.  Then, he picked up the pieces, and left the scene.   No joke.  Apparently, some BMW rolled up not long after the crash, and picked up Twist and the dislodged pieces of the smashed-up car.

On top of that, TMZ says CHRIS BROWN was there, too but his rep denied it was him.  (--For more, you can find TMZ's story here.)