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After the Valet at the Bowling Alley Incident, Chris Brown Hit a Club and Shouted "[Eff] Drake!"


After flipping out on a valet over either five or ten dollars, CHRIS BROWN and his posse headed over to a party at the Emerson Theatre, where he was in a more festive mood.

Although he did get a little belligerent at one point, when the DJ started playing DRAKE'S "Started From the Bottom".  Chris asked for the microphone and told the DJ to cut the music.  Then he said, "The DJ can play this [crap], but I want you all to know, [eff] Drake!" 

Then he gave everyone the finger, and launched into a mini-concert, singing about eight songs.  REGGIE BUSH even hit the stage to do a little HYPING for Chris.  Chris also sent $10,000 worth of wine to a table where NFL legend MICHAEL IRVIN was celebrating his birthday.

Oh, and here's a little more info on that incident in which Chris allegedly left his bodyguard in Bermuda during a flight from Africa.  Sources now say Chris and his friends actually ATTACKED the guy.