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The Funky Bunch Is Totally Excited That Mark Wahlberg Is Open to a Reunion


 recently suggested that he might be open to reuniting MARKY MARK AND THE FUNKY BUNCH, if he could,  "find the right time."   He said the Funky Bunch was down, but there was no official word from their spokesperson.   Well, TWO of the FOUR Funky Bunch members have come out from wherever they were to confirm that they ARE interested.  

DJ-T and HECTOR THE BOOTY INSPECTOR tell TMZ, "Our initial reaction was that it would be amazing if he were to want to reunite with the group."  Don't get too excited yet, though.  The guys say they haven't had any REAL conversations with Marky Mark yet, however, this is something they've been thinking about "for years."  (Specifically, 20 years, since roughly about a week after they broke up in 1993.)

They add, "We always had the [desire] of getting back together as a group.  But once Mark's acting career took off it became obvious it wasn't going to happen."  For example, they say they reached out to Marky back in 2008 but,  "He expressed that he would love to be on tour doing music again, but he felt he was too far removed from it."

Maybe he's LESS removed from it now, five years later, but DJ-T and Hector the Booty Inspector aren't so sure.  They say they hope there are some good vibrations on the way, but they're not holding their breath.